2020 CNND Virtual Symposium: CNS Barriers

Our theme for 2020 is “CNS barriers.” The symposium will cover the latest research advances in describing fluid and cell movements through the brain’s glial–lymphatic, meningeal lymphatic, and cerebrospinal fluid systems in CNS infections, neuroinflammatory, and neurodegenerative diseases.

We are pleased to have as our keynote speaker, Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, who has pioneered work on the glymphatic system. In addition, four speakers from Washington University School of Medicine performing cutting-edge research in the field of CNS barriers will present their work.

The annual symposium will be held virtually this year and won’t include a poster session as in previous years due to COVID-19.

About the speakers:

  • Maiken Nedergaard, MD, PhD, Professor, Co-Director, Center for Translational Neuromedicine, University of Rochester Medical School and Faculty of Health and Medical Services, University of Copenhagen
  • Jonathan Kipnis, PhD, BJC Investigator, Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Distinguished Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Neurosurgery, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Naresha Saligrama, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Bursky Scholar, Andrew M. and Jane M. Bursky Center for Human Immunology & Immunotherapy Programs, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Robyn Klein, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Pathology & Immunology, and Neurosciences, Robert E. and Louise F. Dunn Professor of Medical Sciences,  Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Director of Center for Neuroimmunology & Neuroinfectious Diseases, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Claudia Cantoni, PhD, Research Instructor – Dept. of Neurology, Washington University School of Medicine